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Cake Night with Teresa's Cakes

Frequently Asked Questions


All currently scheduled Cake Nights are listed on the website.  Visit the desired event, after proceeding to the booking section, a drop down will appear which will show between 2-9 available spots.  If no dropdown appears, only 1 spot remains.  If the Cake Night is full, FULL will be displayed.  We work hard to manually update the main event title to FULL once it is booked up.


We recommend a minimum age of 12, however we leave this to the discretion of the paid guardian who attends with each paid minor.  We have had younger participants in the past who are very successful.  We do at this time require a guardian for all minors.  Cake Night is geared towards an adult audience.  Alcohol is allowed, adult conversation and joking is to be expected.  This is the primary reason minors are allowed only with a guardian who may make this decision based on comfort level / maturity.  Cake Nights specifically geared towards children & parent/child events are planned for the future but not yet available. 


Due to space limitations, we are unable to accommodate additional guests including two people working on a single cake.  Each participant requires a paid spot which includes their own cake to decorate. 


As we are located in a residential neighbourhood, parking is limited.  There is plenty of space along Heritage Drive and parking there will be closer than further down our cul-de-sac.  Cake Night patrons are welcome to park in our driveway should space be available.  We ask that you are courteous to our neighbours and do not block others' driveways. You will be asked to move your car and we do not want to intturupt your Cake Night to do so.  If parking is especially limited at a particular time, there is ample space to park on Highland Way just outside of our cul-de-sac, only 30 ft away from our location. 


All current Cake Nights are scheduled for 2 hours.  Some go a little bit over this time and some groups move through faster than the 2 hours.  In the even the group finishes early, we welcome questions and may even have time to explore other cake decorating skills not covered during the event.


We market Cake Night as an event.  A fun outing with friends where you get to be creative and bring your showpiece back for your friends and family to enjoy.  While we may offer classes in the future, for now these events are designed as a fun time with friends, not necessarily to increase skills level which would take a longer amount of time and more one on one instruction.   You will be surprised how amazing your creation will be!


During the winter months, outdoor footwear is not allowed into the bakery, please come with a clean pair of indoor shoes / slippers / sandals.  Our bakery is in the basement and socks are not comfortable on the tile floor.


Absolutely! We host Private Cake Nights frequently for girls night out, birthdays and a host of other events. Please contact us directly and we will be happy to help you plan your event!  Note, private events require a minimum of 8, maximum 16 people in attendance to book.


We do not accomodate dietary restrictions for Cake Nights.  Cake nights have shared tools, space and equipment amougst multiple people in a small area which makes the avoidance of cross contamination impossible to achieve.  If you have any dietary concerns and are interested in booking a Cake Night, please contact us directly for more information. 


Many of our past clients have requested if it is acceptable to bring a bottle of wine during the event.  This is allowed and we provide stemware etc.  Alcohol is not available for purchase.  People have also asked if they can bring food / snacks / platters for private events.  This is also ok, however outside food must be consumed at our bar.  Outside food cannot be brought into or consumed inside the bakery. 

Please read our FAQ as it constitutes Terms & Conditions of booking. Thank-you.

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